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Adhesive Pastes / Creams

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Hellige Electrode Cream (250g)

Hellige Electrode Cream, 250g tube. For long-term (LTM) EEG applications.
CHF 20.05

EC-2 Cream (by Grass)

GRASS, EC-2 Cream – great for Evoked Potentials, ERP and sleep research. Package contains 10 x 100g tubes.
CHF 120.15

ELEFIX, 180g Tubes

ELEFIX, 180g tubes – great for sticking electrodes on the head for EEG, ERP and sleep research (PSG) or single channels EP. 10 tubes per pack.
CHF 162.00

ELEFIX, 400g Jar

ELEFIX, 400g jar – for EP, EEG and sleep research (PSG) work (where single electrodes are pasted on the head/skin). 3 jars per pack.
CHF 126.90

TEN-20 Creams

From CHF 33.08

Isotonic Electrode Paste (114g) for EDA/GSR (GEL101)

This Isotonic Electrode Paste, supplied in a 114 g (~4 oz) bottle, is specially formulated with 0.5% saline added to a neutral base to create an isotonic, 0.05 molar NaCl paste. Comes with a convenient flip-top, reclosable cap. 1 bottle per pack.
CHF 30.10

Synapse Electrode Cream (12 x 140g)

Synapse Electrode Cream, tube of 140g, 12 tubes per box. Synapse is specially for the NASA developed EEG contact-cream for routine-investigations and troublefree longtime-recordings. It does not provoke the skin and possesses a high conductivity.
CHF 141.75

V17 Abralyt 2000

V17 Abralyt 2000 – 1000ml of abrasive / conductive paste usable for Easy-Caps and other EXG applications. Chloride-free.
CHF 126.90

V19 Abralyt HiCl

V19 Abralyt HiCl – 1000g of abrasive / conductive paste usable for Easy-Caps and other EXG applications. High chloride content.
CHF 126.90