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Dynamic Snore Microphone

Dynamic Snore Microphones offer a wide frequency range, and sensitivity to other respiratory sounds besides snoring. The sensor converts snoring, and other sounds in the audio range picked up through the skin, to a small analog voltage that provides a clear, reliable indication of the presence of these sounds. The sensor may be connected to any AC (low level) channel on the recorder.
CHF 201.50

ER1 Tubal Insert Ear Phones

ER1 by Etymotic Research was designed to imitate the normal resonance of the open ear, and is used for speech audiometry where the goal is to reproduce the same frequency response at the eardrum for speech as would be produced in the live situation.
CHF 929.50

ER2 Tubal Insert Ear Phones

For research with humans and animals when a 16 kHz bandwidth is required.
CHF 1,411.80

ER3C Tubal Insert Earphones

ER3C™ earphones are the next generation of insert earphones, replacing ER3A earphones, which have been the worldwide standard for audiometric insert earphones since 1985. 10 Ohm or 50 Ohm model available.
From CHF 686.40

Microphone (for ActiveTwo)

Microphone to record audio stimuli and responses. Connects directly to the standard BioSemi ActiveTwo Ergo input on the AD-box. Equipped with a 1m connection cable and 5-pol DIN connector.
CHF 383.50

Cedrus SV-1 Voice Key

The SV-1 Voice Key is a device designed specifically for experiments requiring a vocal response. It monitors the participant’s voice level at all times, and when the level rises above a user-specified threshold, it reports this to the computer via a serial port. The Voice Key is powered by an 18 MHz microprocessor and is a 100% digital device. It is supplied with a microphone headset, battery, serial cable and a one year full warranty which covers all parts and labor.

Prices listed are Educational Prices only (for commercial purposes please enquire).
CHF 436.80

ER-7C Replacement Probe Tubes

Replacement Probe Tubes for the ER-7C from Etymotic. 20 tubes (ER7-14C) per pack.
CHF 50.70