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Biosemi Caps

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ActiveTwo EEG Cap

ActiveTwo Standard EEG Cap with or without holders, comes with chin strap, ear slits and either 10-20 or ABCD label fashion (if empty cap is chosen the cap will come dotted according to 10-20, 64 dots). Cap comes in 15 different sizes from 34-66cm.
From A$ 464.40

Surgical Cap (no Holders)

The ECI Special Form/Surgical Form Cap is a strapless Electro-Cap designed to be used for different EEG purposes. The cap can be ordered as either standard surgical (no ear slits, no chin straps) or extended to cover also the neck. It fits the head securely, thereby eliminating the need for chin straps or a body harness. Cap does not come with electrodes or dotted for any electrode holder placements. Cap can be ordered in any different size, please specify when ordering.
A$ 711.00

Chin Straps (for Electro-Caps)

Used as an alternative to the E3 Body Harness for situations such as ICU and ER. Effective with combative patients and those who feel restrained by the Body Harness. Straps secure the cap by fastening under the patient's chin with Velcro®. It is recommended that E24 Chin Strap Pads be used with the Chin Straps. 1 Strap per pack. Available in two different sizes.
From A$ 33.30

Chin Strap Pads

Disposable sponge pads will provide extra comfort when using E23 Chin Straps. 100 pieces per pack.
A$ 46.44

Special Head Measuring Tape

Special color-coded Head Measuring Tape used to determine proper cap size quickly and effectively. Color-coding coincides with cap colors. Proper cap size is vital for assuring accurate electrode placement and prolonging cap life. Useful for Electro-/Biosemi-Caps.
A$ 32.40

ActiveTwo Cap Holder Kit

ActiveTwo Cap holders (available in different sizes), kit consists of body, lid and rubber washer. Comes with PDF instruction manual "How to Fit to Cap".
A$ 10.80

Water Resistant EEG Labels

Water Resistant EEG Labels for electrodes and cap holders, available as 10-20, ABCDEFGH or EXG style. 1 sheet per pack (labels can be peeled off). Labels are 100% water resistant.
A$ 63.00

SIGNA Gel, 12-Pack

SIGNA Gel by Parker, 250ml tubes, 12 pieces per pack – excellent for active and passive electrodes in use for EEG.
A$ 172.80

IVORY - Electrode Cap Shampoo (750ml)

IVORY – Electrode Cap shampoo – specifically designed for cleaning all kinds of caps, 750ml, 1 bottle.
A$ 64.80

Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning Brushes, excellent to clean electrodes and caps, 25 brushes per pack.
A$ 33.30