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Cleaning / Disinfection

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MetriCide 28 - 1 Quart (0.95l)

MetriCide 28, size: 1 Quart (~0.95 Liters). Intended for use in a tray system with a variety of noncritical, semi-critical, and critical devices.
CHF 31.72


Aldehyde-free disinfection and cleaning of surgical instruments and anaesthetic equipment. Suitable for manual disinfecting pre-cleaning and manual disinfection of thermostable and thermolabile instruments of all types (excluding flexible endoscopes). Comes in a 2l bottle.
CHF 243.00

IVORY - Electrode Cap Shampoo (750ml)

IVORY – Electrode Cap shampoo – specifically designed for cleaning all kinds of caps, 750ml, 1 bottle.
CHF 48.60

Alcohol Preperation Pads

Alcohol Preperation Pads, heavy duty cleaner for oily skin, 200 pieces per box. Pad size 3.3 x 3.1cm.
CHF 35.10

Cotton Balls

Covidien Cotton Balls, 100% cotton, medium size is approximately 1" diameter, 100 swabs per bag.
CHF 10.80

V40U Cleaning Prep Swabs

Large Cleaning Prep Swabs, approx. Swab length 15cm, tip width approx. 5mm, 100 pieces per pack.
CHF 21.87

Wooden Sticks for Preparation

Recommended for removing gel build-up from electrode disks and mounts. May also be used during routine washing procedures to aid in removing excess gel. Any objects that could scratch the metal electrode disks should not be used. 100 pieces per pack.
CHF 21.87

Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning Brushes, excellent to clean electrodes and caps, 25 brushes per pack.
CHF 24.98