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D-Sub 25 to 3.5mm Plug Trigger Cable

D-Sub 25 to 3.5mm Plug Trigger Cable, 1-bit trigger marker (available on pin 2 / first bit), cable length: 10cm with the option to extend.
Manufacturer: NEUROSPEC AG
SKU: NS-7937
Delivery date: 1 week
US$ 126.90

This specially configured D-Sub 25 trigger cable has a standard D-Sub 25 female connector that connects through to a 3.5mm Stereo plug. The data line connects through to the tip of the 3.5mm stereo plug, whereas the ground (GND) connects through to the sleeve of the 3.5mm plug. The Trigger Cable is suitable for Presentation/E-Prime/SuperLab/STIM2 software connected to a biosignal acquisition system with a 3.5mm stereo input socket. The cable transmits 1-bit trigger marker information to pin 2 (1st bit of a standard TTL trigger layout cable). Hence, for a standard LPT configuration, every odd trigger marker (1, 3, 5, 7, ... 255) is transferred to the receiving end connected to the BNC connector. Pin 25 is used as ground (GND). The pinout can be adjusted upon request. The cable length is 10cm with the option to extend up to 2m. Contact us upon ordering this trigger cable to define the desired cable length.

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