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Disposable Cup Electrodes (Ag/AgCl)

Disposable Cup Electrodes (Ag/AgCl), non-metallic, radio-translucent, 10mm diameter, 500 electrode tips per pack.
SKU: NS-7871
Delivery date: 1-2 weeks
US$ 159.30

Disposable Cup Electrodes made of plastic and coated with a thin Ag/AgCl layer. These cup electrodes are hence non-metallic and radio-translucent. The diameter of these cup electrodes is 10mm. 500 single cup electrodes per pack.

Disposable cup electrodes are an excellent alternative to the traditional Ag/AgCl electrodes with a cable as they allow for multiple recordings with the same cable and reduce the risk of transferring disease. Suitable for polygraphy- and EP-recordings (EEG). The layer material are from plastic that was mounted with a thin Ag/AgCl layer.

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