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Disposable Electrodes

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Disposable Paired Snap Electrodes (EL500)

Disposable, pre-gelled and paired snap electrodes. Optimal for nerve conduction measurements, cardiac output, electrical bio-impedance and general-purpose surface EMG measurements. Size 41 mm x 82 mm, 25 or 150 paired electrodes per pack.
From CHF 93.60

Disposable Ag/AgCl Snap Electrodes (EL501)

Disposable Ag/AgCl electrodes with standard snap connection and hypoallergenic gel. Size 40 mm diameter, 50 or 500 electrodes per pack.
From CHF 84.50

Disposable Long-Term Ag/AgCl Electrodes (EL502)

Disposable, Ag/AgCl pre-gelled electrodes for long-term recordings. Standard snap connection, size 41mm diameter, 50 or 500 electrodes per pack.
From CHF 84.50

Disposable Ag/AgCl Pre-Gelled Electrodes (EL503)

Disposable, pre-gelled Ag/AgCl electrodes with standard snap connection suitable for short-term recordings. Size 35mm diameter, 100 or 1000 electrodes per pack.
From CHF 78.00

Disposable Solid Gel Electrodes (EL504)

Disposable, cloth base, latex-free and hypoallergenic electrode, suitable for long term use without skin irritation. Ag/AgCl contact (11 mm), size 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm.
From CHF 52.00

Disposable GSR/EDA Electrodes (EL507)

These disposable snap electrodes are designed for electrodermal activity studies and are pre-gelled with isotonic gel. The latex-free electrodes conform and adhere well to fingers. Use with NS-7639 (see related products) unshielded electrode lead.
From CHF 93.60

Disposable Radiotranslucent Pre-gelled Electrodes (EL508)

Disposable, radiotranslucent, pre-gelled electrodes (MR compatible). Round contact on latex-free, vinyl tape backing. These electrodes can only be used with MR compatible cables. 100 electrodes per pack.
CHF 156.00

Disposable Dry Radiotranslucent Electrodes (EL509)

Disposable, dry, radiotranslucent electrodes, MR compatible and ideal for EDA/GSR applications. Must apply isotonic electrode paste and use with MR compatible lead cable. Size 27 mm x 36 mm, 100 electrodes per pack.
CHF 156.00

Mini Adhesive Electrodes (COVIDIEN)

Mini Adhesive Disposable Electrodes from COVIDIEN (ex ARBO) to be used for standard ECG/EOG/ECG/EXG applications. 24mm diameter, 50 pieces per pack, pre-gelled.
CHF 24.70

Disposable Ag/AgCl Side Tab Electrodes (Ambu BlueSensor)

Disposable Ag/AgCl Tab Electrodes, side tab for press-stud, Size: 40,8 x 34 mm Latex-Free, 50 electrodes per pack.
CHF 78.00 CHF 27.30
65 % off

MEDITRACE Foam Electrodes

MEDITRACE Foam Electrodes, conductive adhesive hydrogel (latex free), press-stud connection, Ag/Ag chloride material, 30 x 22mm, 100 pieces per pack.
CHF 41.60