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Dry EEG Electrodes

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Dry Ag/AgCl Reusable Electrodes (EL120)

Dry Ag/AgCl (Silver-silver chloride) electrodes provide accurate and clear transmission of surface biopotentials and are useful for recording all surface biopotentials on animals and human EEG. Can be used dry or with gel. 10 electrodes per pack. Please add any amount of LEAD120 cables in order to have enough channels for your acquisition.

Clip Leads for Dry Ag/AgCl Electrodes (LEAD120)

Clip Leads for Dry Ag/AgCl Electrodes (LEAD120) come with 1 meter electrode leads and 1.5mm Touchproof (TP) connector. To be used together with the Dry Ag/AgCl Reusable electrodes (EL120).