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EasyCap System Kit

EasyCap standard caps come in a kit including: Cap with equidistant electrode positions (10%-system), Ag/AgCl sintered electrodes, numbered labelled, 2 x ear-lobe electrodes, chest belt set, 1 jar of Abralyt2000 (abrasive gel), cotton swabs, syringe + blunt needle and quick connect terminating in DIN 1.5mm touch proof connections. Total cable length of electrodes and quick connect box cable is approximately 1.6m. Cap holder size including electrode approximately 7mm. Please select number of channels and cap size.
From CHF 1,297.40

EasyCap Sleep

Sleep Cap from EasyCap is a special low profile cap with embedded Ag/AgCl sintered multitrodes (width 13mm) with hole for injection of creme. Please note due to the height of the actual electrode and texture being 3mm this cap is extremely comfortable for long EEG sessions or Sleep Studies. Cap consists of 24 multitrodes that connect to the head, two for EOG, three for EMG and 19 for EEG. Multitrodes can be removed and replaced in a different location in an easy manner. The cap comes with a connector box for easy replacement or washing and also includes one tube of Elefix. We recommend to use Elefix creme in the tube and through a syringe. Cable length including adapter box approximately 160cm.
CHF 1,774.50

V17 Abralyt 2000

V17 Abralyt 2000 – 1000ml of abrasive / conductive paste usable for Easy-Caps and other EXG applications. Chloride-free.
CHF 122.20

V19 Abralyt HiCl

V19 Abralyt HiCl – 1000g of abrasive / conductive paste usable for Easy-Caps and other EXG applications. High chloride content.
CHF 122.20

ELEFIX, 180g Tubes

ELEFIX, 180g tubes – great for sticking electrodes on the head for EEG, ERP and sleep research (PSG) or single channels EP. 10 tubes per pack.
CHF 156.00

ELEFIX, 400g Jar

ELEFIX, 400g jar – for EP, EEG and sleep research (PSG) work (where single electrodes are pasted on the head/skin). 3 jars per pack.
CHF 122.20

BD Syringes

BD Syringes, 10ml, sterile, 100 pieces per pack. With Luer-Lok tip.
CHF 78.00

Disposable Blunted Needles, steel 18G, non sterile

Blunted Needles, steel, disposable types, 18G for standard electrode-caps, 250/pk – non-sterile
CHF 200.20

V40U Cleaning Prep Swabs

Large Cleaning Prep Swabs, approx. Swab length 15cm, tip width approx. 5mm, 100 pieces per pack.
CHF 21.06