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ECG Adhesive Electrodes

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Arbo Adhesive Electrodes

Arbo Adhesive Electrodes (31.1245.21) to be used for standard EEG/ECG/EXG applications. To be used with active or passive clip/snap electrode leads, standard snap-on connector, 24mm diameter, 50 pieces per pack, pre-gelled.

Diagnostic Tab Electrodes

A variety of electrode designs are offered to accommodate NCS (Nerve Conduction Studies), or any resting ECG application. These electrodes utilize a patented conductive adhesive hydrogel which allows for excellent adhesion. All products are defibrillation recoverable and are latex-free. Comes with sidetab for attachement of Crocodile Clip Cable, size 30mm x 23mm, 10x10=100 pieces per pack.

Disposable Ag/AgCl Side Tab Electrodes (Ambu BlueSensor)

Disposable Ag/AgCl Tab Electrodes, side tab for press-stud, 50 electrodes per pack.

MEDITRACE Foam Electrodes

MEDITRACE Foam Electrodes, conductive adhesive hydrogel (latex free), press-stud connection, Ag/Ag chloride material, 30 x 22mm, 100 pieces per pack.

TAB Adhesive Electrode

Pregeled disposable surfaces adhesive TAB electrode for NCS/EMG/ECG. Dimension: 20x20mm, 100 pieces per pack. Used in combination with crocodile clip cables.

Bioimpedance Strip Electrodes (EL506)

Disposable strip electrode (Ag/AgCl) is designed for bioimpedance applications. Strip length: 250 mm, Conductive element width: 6.5 mm, Adhesive width: 2 x 9 mm (9 mm strip on either side of conductive strip,) Cloth backing width: 24.5 mm.
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Disposable Paired Snap Electrodes (EL500)

Disposable, pre-gelled and paired snap electrodes. Optimal for nerve conduction measurements, cardiac output, electrical bio-impedance and general-purpose surface EMG measurements. Size 41 mm x 82 mm, 25 or 150 paired electrodes per pack.
From €64.60