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EEG Cables

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Dual Pin to 1.5mm Safety Adapter

Dual pin (key-lock type) safety socket to 2 x 1.5mm pin plugs (black/red). Cable length: 100mm
CHF 40.50

EEG Linker Cables, 15cm

EEG Linker Cables, 15cm, TP to TP connectors, 5 pieces per pack.
CHF 126.90

EEG/ECG Connection Cable

We offer various EEG/ECG connection cables. Please choose from the drop down configured cable lengths, connectors and pieces per pack. For some cables different colours are available. All cables come with a DIN 1.5mm touch proof connector on one side. Please select the connector for the other end of the cable from the selection.
From CHF 13.50

Lead Wire with Clip (shielded)

These shielded leads wires (1.9 mm diameter) include a pinch connector and terminate in standard 2 x DIN 1.5mm touch proof connectors (one for the signal, the other for the ground).
From CHF 75.80

Clip Leads for Dry Ag/AgCl Electrodes (LEAD120)

Clip Leads for Dry Ag/AgCl Electrodes (similar to LEAD120) come with 1 meter electrode leads and 1.5mm Touchproof (TP) connector. To be used together with the Dry Ag/AgCl Reusable electrodes (similar to EL120).
CHF 52.65

Diamond Electrode (Active to Passive adapter cable)

Active to Passive electrode adapter cable. Connects to the 8 EX inputs of the ActiveTwo (Biosemi) AD-box, and have an active electrode circuitry with a standard 1.5mm DIN touchproof connector - for standard passive electrodes (surface or needle).
CHF 87.75