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EEG Cap Systems

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ECI Electro-Gel

From US$ 41.85


SIGNA Gel by Parker, 250ml tubes, 12 pieces per pack – excellent for active and passive electrodes in use for EEG.
US$ 129.60

V40U Cleaning Prep Swabs

Large Cleaning Prep Swabs, approx. Swab length 15cm, tip width approx. 5mm, 100 pieces per pack.
US$ 21.87

IVORY - Electrode Cap Shampoo (750ml)

IVORY – Electrode Cap shampoo – specifically designed for cleaning all kinds of caps, 750ml, 1 bottle.
US$ 48.60

Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning Brushes, excellent to clean electrodes and caps, 25 brushes per pack.
US$ 24.98

Disposable Blunted Needles, steel 15-16G, sterile

Blunted Needles, steel, disposable types, 15-16G for Electro-Caps, 100 pieces per pack – sterile and single packed.
US$ 164.43

Disposable Sponge Disks

ECI Disposable Sponge Disks (make the frontal lobe area more comfortable), 100 sponge disks per pack.
US$ 34.56

Wooden Sticks for Preparation

Recommended for removing gel build-up from electrode disks and mounts. May also be used during routine washing procedures to aid in removing excess gel. Any objects that could scratch the metal electrode disks should not be used. 100 pieces per pack.
US$ 21.87

Disk Electrodes (Tin)

From US$ 16.88

Quick Insert Electrode (for Electro-Caps)

A temporary electrode which will override the cap wiring in the event of a faulty electrode during a test. A Quick Insert Electrode may be placed into the mount of the faulty electrode and connected directly to the EEG system until the cap can be properly repaired. Cable length 1.5m, terminates in a 1.5mm touch proof DIN sockets, 1 electrode per pack.
From US$ 14.85

Replacement Electrode (for Electro-Caps)

Electro-Caps come with either Tin or Ag/AgCl electrodes mounted to the inside of the cap. If they corrode or break they can be replaced by new electrodes. Please choose carefully the appropriate electrode for your cap in terms of material and electrode diameter. Two different diameters available (15mm; 10mm).
From US$ 29.16