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EMG Cables and Adapters

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D185-HB1 Electrode Connection Headbox

Electrode connection headbox (4.5m cable) for the Digitimer Stimulator D185 MKII. This extension headbox provides 5 linked pairs of 1.5mm DIN sockets for connection to MEP electrodes closer to the site of stimulation.
CHF 367.20

Ambu® Neuroline Concentric EMG Needle Electrode Cables

AmbuĀ® Neuroline shielded EMG cable, 100cm length, 5-pol DIN connector for Neuroline concentric EMG needle electrodes.
CHF 148.50

MYOLINE shielded EMG cable

MYOLINE shielded EMG cable, 100cm length, 5-pol DIN connector for most EMG systems
CHF 91.80

Crocodile Clip Cable Kit

Crocodile clip cable kit, 100cm with 1.5mm touch proof DIN socket. 3 color pack (black, red, green).
CHF 37.80

EMG DIN Adapter

From CHF 66.15

ERGO / DIN Adapter

ERGO / DIN Adapter, specially created for the Biosemi ActiveTwo EEG, 4x 1,5mm DIN socket to 8 pole AUX connector for ERGO. Useful for connecting non mains powered sensors (2 channels, 4 inputs). Cable length is 16cm. No ERGO Modules included.
CHF 130.95