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EMG/NCS Surface Electrodes

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Surface EMG Tab Electrodes

Surface EMG Tab Electrodes, 10mm stainless steel disks (use tape to fix to skin). 60cm cable, with 1.5mm touch proof DIN socket, 1 pair, colors red & black.

Various Digital Ring Electrodes

Various Digital Ring Electrodes, 100cm cable length, 1.5mm touch proof DIN sockets, 1 pair with cable. Please select type/thickness.
From €0.00

White Felt Pad Bar Stimulator

White Felt Pad Bar Stimulator (white), with Velcro Band, 1.5m cable, with either 1.5mm touch proof DIN socket or DIN 5-pol connector suitable for most EMG systems (please select connector below), Felt-pads 7mm.
From €99.00

Blue One-Size Felt Pad Stimulator

Blue One-Size Felt Pad Stimulator, blue bar handle, round felt pads or steel balls, terminate to 1.5mm touch proof DIN sockets or DIN 5-pol 270° connector. Distance of stimulation points is 25mm. Cable length 100cm.
From €109.00

Blue One-Size Felt Pad Stimulator - SET

Blue One-Size Felt Pad Stimulator, blue bar handle, round felt pads, steel balls, velcro strap, terminates to 1.5mm touch proof DIN sockets or DIN 5-pol 270° connector. Cable length 100cm.
From €99.00

Velcro Strap Kit

Replacement velcro straps to fasten the Ground Plate, Stimulating/Recording Electrodes. Velcro Straps come as a kit of three pieces: 1 x 30cm, 1 x 55cm and 1 x 100cm length.

Diagnostic Tab Electrodes

A variety of electrode designs are offered to accommodate NCS (Nerve Conduction Studies), or any resting ECG application. These electrodes utilize a patented conductive adhesive hydrogel which allows for excellent adhesion. All products are defibrillation recoverable and are latex-free. Comes with sidetab for attachement of Crocodile Clip Cable, size 30mm x 23mm, 10x10=100 pieces per pack.

TAB Adhesive Electrode

Pregeled disposable surfaces adhesive TAB electrode for NCS/EMG/ECG. Dimension: 20x20mm, 100 pieces per pack. Used in combination with crocodile clip cables.

Disposable Solid Gel Electrodes (EL504)

Disposable, cloth base, latex-free and hypoallergenic electrode, suitable for long term use without skin irritation. Ag/AgCl contact (11 mm), size 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm.
From €36.15

Plate Grounding Electrode

This electrode is made of stain-less steel and measures 31mm in diameter. Cable length is 1.20 m and comes with 1.5 DIN connectors. Please select additionally a velcro strap to attach to the skin.