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General Accessories

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EEG Photic LED Flash with Software

LED photic stimulator with articulating arm, control software, cabling. Ideal for photic activation during EEG studies, this LED photic stimulator combines the brightness of a Xenon flash with the utility and ease of use of an LED device. The device has an equivalent lamp shape and brightness to the Grass PS33 whilst being smaller, lighter and more energy efficient by utilizing bright light LED technology. The disadvantages of Xenon tube lamps are well known. They are heavy mains powered devices that are generally very expensive, whilst posing a potential safety hazard to the patient and operator. Package includes: Photic LED Flash, USB connection cable, cable clamp, software to run the photic, color filter pack, trigger cable.
US$ 3,378.20

Electrode Cable Rack

Specially designed electrode cable rack for hanging electrode sets to dry after cleaning.
US$ 38.57

Water Resistant EEG Labels

Water Resistant EEG Labels for electrodes and cap holders, available as 10-20, ABCDEFGH or EXG style. 1 sheet per pack (labels can be peeled off). Labels are 100% water resistant.
US$ 46.55


Chronos is a powerful USB-based response and stimulus delivery system, which lets you collect responses, present sound and send event markers to external devices. All with millisecond accuracy!
US$ 957.60