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Ground strap electrode, press-stud

Ground strap electrode, with press-stud connector for snap-, crocodile- and clip-cables. Three different lengths 25cm, 40cm and 70cm available which allows wrist sizes from children to adults. Two different types 0 Ohm (not elastic) and 50 Ohm (elastic) available.
SKU: NS-7411
Delivery date: 1-2 weeks
A$ 68.40

A specially developed ground strap electrode which can be used dry, without soaking it in a saline solution. This ground strap electrode comes with Velcro bands. The stainless steel strings ensures perfect grounding of the patient, without the need for gel or similar saline solution. Ground strap electrodes are available in three different lengths 25cm, 40cm and 70cm, fitting for children and adults. It connects to a cable with snap-connection. Two different types 0 Ohm (not elastic) and 50 Ohm (elastic) available.

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