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Isotonic Electrode Paste (114g) for EDA/GSR (GEL101A)

This Non-Irritating, Isotonic Electrode Paste, supplied in a 114 g (~4 oz) bottle, is specially formulated with 0.5% saline added to a neutral base to create an isotonic, 0.05 molar NaCl paste. Comes with a convenient flip-top, reclosable cap. 1 bottle per pack.
SKU: NS-7668
Delivery date: 2-4 weeks
US$ 114.75

The Non-Irritating, Isotonic Electrode Paste GEL101A, is formulated on a neutral base with 0.5% saline add in order to create the isotonic, 0.05 molar NaCl paste. The GEL101A isotonic electrode paste meets all recommended requirements for skin conductance recording (EDA/GSR/EDR/SCR/SCL), where isotonic pastes are primarily used. The shelf life of this paste is virtually unlimited compared to other jelly-like substances (agar) and saline pastes. The 114g bottle comes with a flip-top and reclosable cap. Each pack comes with a single 114g bottle.

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Disposable GSR/EDA Electrodes (EL507)

These disposable snap electrodes are designed for electrodermal activity studies and are pre-gelled with isotonic gel. The latex-free electrodes conform and adhere well to fingers. Use with NS-7639 (see related products) unshielded electrode lead.
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Disposable Ag/AgCl Pre-Gelled Electrodes (EL503)

Disposable, pre-gelled Ag/AgCl electrodes with standard snap connection suitable for short-term recordings. Size 35mm diameter, 100 or 1000 electrodes per pack.
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ActiveTwo EEG Cap

ActiveTwo Standard EEG Cap with or without holders, comes with chin strap, ear slits and either 10-20 or ABCD label fashion (if empty cap is chosen the cap will come dotted according to 10-20, 64 dots). Cap comes in 15 different sizes from 34-66cm.
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GSR Sensor

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Sensor Electrode Set; includes a pair of steel electrodes suitable for GSR on the Biosemi ActiveTwo. Cable length of sensor is approximately 1.5m, terminates in a 7 pin DIN plug which plugs directly into the AUX2/AUX3 socket (which ever is available) of the Biosemi ActiveTwo AD Box.

Specifications of the stimulator: 16Hz, AC, the stimulus-current can be as low as 1uA. Measurements in ActiView in nS.

Please note: We install the GSR module here in our office. If an ERGO module is installed already, we would replace the ERGO module with a combo GSR/ERGO module and include a GSR/ERGO Splitter Cable.

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