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Localization Software

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EMSE Locator

When used together with Polhemusā„¢ digitizing hardware, LOCATOR allows you to measure accurately electrode locations an external head shape in 3 dimensions. These data may then be used for MRI coregistration and more accurate source estimation. LOCATOR currently supports three Polhemus products: ISOTRAK, FASTRAK, and PATRIOT.

Please note: All Prices are educational [EDU] / academic. For non educational / academic prices contact NEUROSPEC AG.

A$ 4,114.00

Polaris Krios Localization Software

The rigid body is transformed from the Krios coordinate system to the subject coordinate system. Using the Krios software, operators can append notes to electrode positions. The final point cloud with all identified marker coordinates, fiducial points, and notes, is saved as a .CSV file for export to the neurofeedback software. The point cloud can then be mapped to a pre-defined electrode configuration within the neurofeedback software.
A$ 1,884.96