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MRI Vision Correction Lenses ™

MRI Vision Correction Lenses ™ for research participants undergoing an experiment inside an MRI environment. Lenses are available in a range of correction +/- 2 diopters to +/-7 diopters in ½ diopter increments.
SKU: NS-7892
Delivery date: 2-4 weeks
US$ 4,914.00

Research in an MRI environment does not allow for participants to wear regular eyeglasses. Therefore, ensuring participants are able to comfortably see the visual display while inside the MRI is crucial and requires a vision correction system. These MRI Vision Correction Lenses ™ provide an MRI compatible system including frames and lenses. Lense corrections are available from +2 diopters to +7 diopters in ½ diopter increments. MRI Vision Correction Lenses ™ is intended for research use only.


Package Includes:

  • 2 pairs of flexible plastic frame lens housings (glasses)
  • 22 sets of anti-reflective coated lenses
  • Anti-reflective coated lenses
  • Range of correction +2 diopters to +7 diopters in 1⁄2 diopter increments
  • Snellen eye chart
  • Durable storage/carrying case
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