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Photo Cell including cord

Our photo cell sensor is a light-to-voltage optical sensors, each combining a photodiode and a transimpedance amplifier (feedback resistor = 16 MW, 8 MW, and 2.8 MW respectively) on a single monolithic IC. Output voltage is directly proportional to the light intensity (irradiance) on the photodiode. These devices have improved amplifier offset-voltage stability and low power consumption and are supplied in a 3-lead clear plastic sidelooker package with an integral lens. When supplied in the lead (Pb) free package, the device is RoHS compliant. Comes with 1.5m cable and AUX connector, to be used with the ActiveTwo EEG System (requires ERGO input).
US$ 198.17

EEG Photic LED Flash with Software

LED photic stimulator with articulating arm, control software, cabling. Ideal for photic activation during EEG studies, this LED photic stimulator combines the brightness of a Xenon flash with the utility and ease of use of an LED device. The device has an equivalent lamp shape and brightness to the Grass PS33 whilst being smaller, lighter and more energy efficient by utilizing bright light LED technology. The disadvantages of Xenon tube lamps are well known. They are heavy mains powered devices that are generally very expensive, whilst posing a potential safety hazard to the patient and operator. Package includes: Photic LED Flash, USB connection cable, cable clamp, software to run the photic, color filter pack, trigger cable.
US$ 3,378.20

PALS® Connection Cable

Electrode Adaptor Cable, with DIN 1.5mm touch proof plugs (female) at one end and 2mm pins at the other. Various cable lengths available. Supplied in pairs (one red, one black). Used to connect electrodes with 2mm sockets such as Axelgaard self adhesive electrodes or the extension cable D185-HB4.
From US$ 113.05

EEG/ECG Connection Cable

We offer various EEG/ECG connection cables. Please choose from the drop down configured cable lengths, connectors and pieces per pack. For some cables different colours are available. All cables come with a DIN 1.5mm touch proof connector on one side. Please select the connector for the other end of the cable from the selection.
From US$ 13.30

Output 4mm Connector Plugs for User Assembly

Output 4mm connector plugs for user assembly, useful for Digitimer Electrical Stimulator series. 2 pieces per pack (1 x red and 1 x black).
US$ 30.32

DIN Touch Proof 1.5mm Sockets (for soldering)

DIN Touch Proof 1.5mm Sockets (for soldering). 5 pieces per pack. Colors red and black available. (Picture may differ from supplied product)
From US$ 33.25

True Airflow Pressure Sensor (AC) - Kit

AC Pressure Airflow Sensor from SleepSense is designed to detect respiratory airflow and/or snoring for recording by a polygraph EEG or similar type of physiological recorder. Kit includes Airflow Pressure Sensor and 5 cannulas.
US$ 349.79

Crocodile Clip Cable Kit

Crocodile clip cable kit, 100cm with 1.5mm touch proof DIN socket. 3 color pack (black, red, green).
US$ 37.24

True Airflow Pressure Sensor (DC) - Kit

The DC Pressure Sensor from SleepSense employs a special pressure transducer, to provide a DC voltage output relative to the air pressure. Output voltage is 0-1 VDC for the 0-20cm H2O range. Kit includes Airflow Pressure Sensor, 5 cannulas and DC power supply.
US$ 570.57

Cedrus Lumina Optical Trigger Adapter

Cedrus Lumina Optical Trigger Adapter converts a trigger code from a MRI scanner (delivered via a fiber optic cable) into an electrical signal, which can be used with older Lumina LSC400B controllers.
US$ 492.10