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Neuroline 720 Surface Electrodes (Ambu®)

Ambu Neuroline 720 pre-gelled and self-adhesive surface electrodes with press-stud connector. Ideal for ABR applications and sleep research. 25 Neuroline electrodes per pack.
SKU: NS-7908
Delivery date: 3-5 days
A$ 115.20

The Neuroline 720 surface electrodes from Ambu® come pre-gelled and are self-adhesive. Neuroline 720 electrodes come with a press-stud connector. These surface electrodes are ideal for ABR, IOM, EMG, NCS applications as well as sleep research (PSG) where the strong, yet skin-friendly, adhesion ensures that the electrode stays in place for the entire examination, even if the patient sweats. Thanks to its small size of 45 x 22mm the Neuroline electrodes can also be used to measure biopotentials in the facial area. Using a high conductive wet gel ensures quick electrical contact and instant signal. One pack includes 25 Neuroline surface electrodes.



  • Wet gel provides low impedance for best signal quality
  • Strong and skin-friendly adhesive
  • Small size (45 x 22mm)
  • Press-stud connection



  • Bio-compatible: Yes
  • Sensor: Silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl)
  • Sponge: Polyurethane foam (PUR)
  • Outer carrier: Polyvinyl chloride foam (PVC)
  • Outer adhesive: Acrylate
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