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Online recording and fast real-time analysis now available only for ActiveTwo and g.USBamp amplifiers:

In order to learn more about how the brain works, analysis of its electric activity (so-called language of the brain) is a desired approach. The raw signal as German discoverer Hans Berger recorded it for the first time is not suitable. However, quantitative analysis by frequency analyis using Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) provides a tool to characterize this activity on detail. Documentation of regional electric power by translating the results into spectral colours followed by additive colour mixture (like RGB mode in TV) documents all frequency changes within one map. Regional distribution of these changes as so-called Enkephaloglyphs can now be related to cognitive and emotional states of the brain. Due to a recent progress in software development various states of the brain can now be analysed within a time window of less than 0.4 seconds (about 3 pictures / second).
US$ 6,682.50