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Polaris Krios 3D Digitizer

Localizing and digitizing electrodes/sensors in any coordinate system (e.g. 10-20, ABCDE, etc.) for EEG, MEG, NIRS, PSG and ECG research and clinical tests conducted with 3D Digitizers has never been so fast and easy to perform!
SKU: NS-7658
Delivery date: 5-7 weeks
US$ 25,515.00

The Polaris® Krios handheld digitizing scanner integrates into your existing neuroresearch/-diagnostic system to identify, map and digitize electrode positions. Through an NDI software interface this measurement data is used to identify and label each electrode within your neuroimaging software.
The entire setup, from scanning to electrode labelling, takes only minutes with the Polaris Krios 3D Digitizer. It’s an integration of technologies that combines the best of real-time 3D localization and neuroresearch/-diagnostic system - and will transform electrode coregistration for the better.

Localizing and digitizing electrodes/sensors in any coordinate system (e.g. 10-20, ABCDE, etc.) for EEG, MEG, NIRS, PSG and ECG research and clinical tests conducted with 3D Digitizers has never been so fast and easy to perform!

Package includes:

  • Krios Scanner
  • Documentation
  • Hardcase
  • Host USB Converter
  • Power Supply
  • Wireless Optical Probe
  • USB Cable
  • Polaris Krios USB Software (First license one system only)
  • One Sheet of Retro-reflective Markers


Available retro-reflective marker sizes:

  • 10mm x 4mm
  • 9mm x 5mm
  • 8mm x 4mm
  • 8mm x 3mm
  • 7mm x 3mm


System Features

  • Extensive Integration Experience: Benefit from over 30 years of measurement innovation and integration expertise – NDI is trusted by the world’s foremost medical device manufacturers.
  • Accurate and Reliable Data Collection: Capture marker positions to accuracy within 0.5 mm and a repeatability of 0.1 mm. Only actual markers are measured for electrode mapping purposes.
  • Integrated Touch Probe: Improve the detection of obstructed electrodes and electrode positioning with one-touch localization and registration of fiducial points such as the nasion, inion, and preauricular points.
  • Growth through Technology: Add a new level of versatility to your existing system offering, and extend its capabilities to additional electrodiagnostic and clinical neurophysiology applications and markets.
  • Compliant with Safety Regulations: Maintain subject safety – the Krios does not use a laser, and is compliant with medical device regulation IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition.
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Scanner: Operate the Krios with ease – its balanced one-hand grip, handy start/stop trigger button, color-coded LED status indicator lights, and audio cues maximize scanning efficiency.
  • No Marker Calculations: Scan right away – self-calibrating markers attach to any sized or shaped electrode, in any order. No position calculations or sequencing are required. Marker positions are automatically mapped.
  • Automatic Registration Process: Save significant electrode registration time – up to 256 markers can be scanned in less than 2 minutes. Markers are then automatically mapped and registered within the neurofeedback software.
  • Built-In Snapshot Mode: Capture digital images of the electrode setup for inclusion in the subject’s file. For example, the subject has an asymmetrical skull that requires a unique electrode placement.
  • Instant Localization Results: Receive real-time scanning feedback – scanner LED status indicator lights notify operators of successful/failed marker acquisition, while the software provides a running tally of localized markers.


Setup Video