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FASTRAK® 3D Digitizer is the workhorse of the industry and set the standard for all other trackers. Using A/C electromagnetic technology, FASTRAK delivers accurate position and orientation data, with virtually no latency. The FASTRAK® system package includes: SEU (Systems Electronics Unit), USB connection cable, 1 Transmitter Driver, 4 Receiver Input Channels, Power Supply and Cord, Standard Receiver and Transmitter, User Manual. Please note: To complete the package and for higher accuracy, we add 1 Stylus + 2 extra Receivers.
US$ 12,015.00 US$ 10,530.00
13 % off

FastSCAN II - C1 Handheld Laser Scanner

The FastSCAN II is able to instantly measures 3D shapes by simply sweeping the handheld wand over an object. The wand is extremely lightweight and an optional rechargeable battery makes the system ultra-portable, making the FastSCAN II flexible, and versatile for on-the-go use. Scanning moveable objects is easier than ever, as the system reference receiver allows you to turn and rotate objects while scanning. FastSCAN II is easy to set up and seamlessly captures complex 3D images in real-time. Unpacking to scanning takes less than two minutes.
US$ 24,597.00 US$ 23,085.00
7 % off


PATRIOT™ 3D Digitizer, in its sleek, modern packaging, is the cost effective solution for six-degree-of-freedom tracking and 3D digitizing. It is a dual sensor motion tracker with an update rate of 60Hz per sensor. The PATRIOT™ system includes an SEU (Systems Electronics Unit), USB connection cable, 2 Receiver Input Channels, Power Supply and Cord, RX2 Sensor, TX2 Sensor and User Manual.
US$ 6,480.00 US$ 5,130.00
21 % off

VIPER™ Motion Tracker

From US$ 9,180.00
13 % off