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DC Position Sensor

DC Body Position Sensor Kit includes one sensor, one band with TP 1.5mm sockets.
SKU: NS-7466
Delivery date: 1-2 weeks
CHF 397.80

excl. MWST/VAT

DC Body Position Sensor Kit includes one sensor and one band / TP 1.5mm sockets.

Using a gravity switch, SleepSense Body Position Sensors provide a signal that is directly proportional to the patients sleeping posture (back, front, left, right or sitting).  These sensors are designed with a small size and contour for improved patient tolerance and is typically mounted on the strap that goes around the chest. The 1563-Kit is designed specifically for amplifiers with the following input gain provisions: 230mV/160mV/30mV/110mV output for the positions described above. 

Please note: we do supply other Position Sensors (same prices) for amplifiers that use different gain inputs - please enquire and provide your amplifier input gain specifications. Also note, we do also supply AC Position Sensors, however they are specifically made for amplifers that expect a pattern change rather than a voltage change that the DC Position Sensors supply.