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Active Electrode for Biosemi Systems

Active Sensor Set with a 68-pole fine-pitch connector. 32*Pin-Type sensor with sintered Ag/AgCl tip and integrated low-noise CMOS pre-amplifier. Two-wire design. Standard cable length is 140cm. Electrode Sets are available in standard 10-20 label fashion or in the extended ABC label fashion.
A$ 2,502.00

ActiveTwo Cap Holder Kit

ActiveTwo Cap holders (available in different sizes), kit consists of body, lid and rubber washer. Comes with PDF instruction manual "How to Fit to Cap".
A$ 10.80

ActiveTwo Carry Case

Sturdy carry case for ActiveTwo EEG System. Case fits also two batteries, USB receiver, new type battery charger + power supply and comes with a compartment that fits a few sets of electrodes, optical fiber + USB cable. Perfect for travelling and keeps the EEG + Accessories safe when travelling or chaging labs. Case comes empty (no parts included unless ordered with case).
A$ 801.00

ActiveTwo ERGO OpticLink

The ERGO OpticLink allows connecting analog signal sources to the Ergo input which needs to remain isolated from the AD-box. For example, connecting the audio output of a PC to the AD-box. The signal is transmitted over a 5-meter optical fiber.
A$ 2,250.00

Analog Input Box (AIB)

The Analog Input Box (AIB) allows connection of sensors (battery or mains driven) or the attachment of any signal generating products. All the inputs are processed differential. For each signal which are connected to the AIB box, an AIB channel is required. The Input range of the AIB is +/-1 Volt (2 Volt peak to peak). Standard the AIB is equipped with 8 channels (can be ordered with a maximum of 32 channels). The speedmode switch on the frontpanel of the AIB should always be set to 8. With an AIB, the ActiveTwo EEG only works at speedmode 4. Package comes with the AIB box (8 channels) fitted with a D-SUB 37 socket, the power socket, an IN/OUT socket for the connection of the optical fibers; 1 x optical fiber and 1 x power supply. Please note: the Analog Input Box can be internally switched to 2-0 Volt. Select number of input channels, includes fitting of channels.
From A$ 8,010.00

Battery Box for ActiveTwo EEG

Battery Box complete for ActiveTwo EEG system, 6V Battery including case and connection cable to ADC Box. We will deliver a battery box with a special MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and sticker on the package for deliveries within the EU and else where.
A$ 1,170.00

Battery Cell Replacement

After a few years of use a battery pack may not charge anymore or lose its charge after just a few minutes. We recommend immediate replacement of the internal Battery Cell. Kit includes Battery Cell (6V), Foam Pads and 6 months warranty (on parts only). We do not recommend users to replace the cell on their own, otherwise no further warranty would apply. If you agree and wish us to replace the battery cell please scroll down to Related Products and select the complete service.
A$ 230.40

Battery Charger for ActiveTwo EEG

Battery Charger for ActiveTwo EEG System, includes a second generation and intelligent charging device (avoids thermal run-away) that will prevent overheating during charge and so keeps the battery safe during charging process. An empty battery will charge in approximately 2-3 hours depending on environmental temperature. Kit comes with charger, power supply and wall adapter (please choose).
A$ 1,360.80

Biosemi Active Electrode Repair Order

NEUROSPEC AG offers repairs/replacements for the Active Electrodes manufactured by Biosemi BV as below specified.

Please add each set separately to your basket (outside the standard 12 months warranty from date of purchase).
A$ 266.40

Biosemi Battery Repair Order

NEUROSPEC AG offers repair/replacement for the Active Two Battery Box Cell after the initial defect liability period.

Please note: If the battery box is sent from outside Switzerland, a hazardous goods certificate (downloadable after payment) must accompany the goods as otherwise any of the freight courier companies will neglect shipping the goods.
A$ 477.00

CMS/DRL Sensor Set External (Flat or Pin)

CMS/DRL External Sensor Set, use this instead of the CMS/DRL of the A-Set (cannot use both at the same time). Cable length 1.5m, 4 Pin DIN type plug (plugs into AUX1 of the AD Box), available as either Pin or Flat type.
From A$ 270.00

ERGO Upgrade

Any ActiveTwo EEG System from Biosemi can be upgraded to include analogue input channels. Input used is on the front of the ADC box labeled ERGO in place of AUX2 or AUX3 (which ever is available). Upgrade includes: ERGO 2/4 input channels, wiring and AUX connector + label.

Caution: Input only non mains driven sensors, such as Respiration Belt, Microphone, various switches, etc.

Please note: ERGO can only be implemented if either AUX2 or AUX3 are unused. In case of AUX2 or AUX3 being occupied by GSR, we would replace the GSR module with a combined GSR/ERGO module.
From A$ 1,035.00