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Research Software

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Cedrus SuperLab

SuperLab is the stimulus presentation software for Mac OS X and Windows. The new SuperLab introduces a host of new features, including:

  • Playing movies
  • Stimulus lists
  • Support for JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF files
  • Built-in support for RSVP and self-paced reading
  • Improved support for fMRI and EEG/ERP
  • Trial variables Conditional branching (if/then/else)
  • Multiple input devices in the same experiment

This package includes the SuperLab 5 software, mousepad, door hanger, manual and an instruction sheet with License key.

Prices listed are Educational Prices only (for commercial purposes please enquire).

EMSE Locator

When used together with Polhemus™ digitizing hardware, LOCATOR allows you to measure accurately electrode locations an external head shape in 3 dimensions. These data may then be used for MRI coregistration and more accurate source estimation. LOCATOR currently supports three Polhemus products: ISOTRAK, FASTRAK, and PATRIOT.

Please note: All Prices are educational [EDU] / academic. For non educational / academic prices contact NEUROSPEC AG.

A$ 4,114.00


Online recording and fast real-time analysis now available only for ActiveTwo and g.USBamp amplifiers:

In order to learn more about how the brain works, analysis of its electric activity (so-called language of the brain) is a desired approach. The raw signal as German discoverer Hans Berger recorded it for the first time is not suitable. However, quantitative analysis by frequency analyis using Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) provides a tool to characterize this activity on detail. Documentation of regional electric power by translating the results into spectral colours followed by additive colour mixture (like RGB mode in TV) documents all frequency changes within one map. Regional distribution of these changes as so-called Enkephaloglyphs can now be related to cognitive and emotional states of the brain. Due to a recent progress in software development various states of the brain can now be analysed within a time window of less than 0.4 seconds (about 3 pictures / second).
A$ 9,256.50

Polaris Krios Localization Software

The rigid body is transformed from the Krios coordinate system to the subject coordinate system. Using the Krios software, operators can append notes to electrode positions. The final point cloud with all identified marker coordinates, fiducial points, and notes, is saved as a .CSV file for export to the neurofeedback software. The point cloud can then be mapped to a pre-defined electrode configuration within the neurofeedback software.
A$ 1,884.96

E-Prime 3.0

From A$ 215.05


BESA is the most versatile and comprehensive EEG/MEG reader available on the market.

BESA MRI includes: Easy intuitive user interface, fast processing of MRI data, 3-D surface reconstruction and electrode coregistration. BESA MRI requires at least a BESA-A Research Basic Package.

For further configurations, multiple licenses or standalone licenses please contact us!

A$ 6,311.25

BESA Research Basic

Basic Package features include: Opening of virtually any EEG file, remontage, artefact reduction algorythms, FFT, DSA, CSA, 2/3-D Mapping, averaging around triggers or markers, batch and much more.
From A$ 5,707.24

BESA Research Standard

Standard Package features include: all features from BESA Basic + Source Analysis (Distributed Source Imaging Models such as CLARA, LORETA, sLORETA, swLORETA, LAURA, sSLOFO, minimum norm), Source Imaging and many more features.
From A$ 13,157.32

BESA Research Complete

Complete Package features include: all features from BESA Basic and Standard Package + Source Coherence (DICS - Dynamic Imaging of Coherence Source), Calculation of cross spectral density matrices, event related coherence, displayed magnitude, squared coherence and phase coherence and many more features.
From A$ 17,447.10

BESA Connectivity

BESA Connectivity for EEG/MEG connectivity analysis setting new standards for user-friendly analysis and visualization of brain connectivity, using state-of-the-art technologies. BESA Connectivity requires a valid and running license of BESA Research package. For further configurations, multiple licenses or standalone licenses please contact us!

A$ 5,806.35