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Biosemi Active Electrode Repair Order

NEUROSPEC AG offers repairs/replacements for the Active Electrodes manufactured by Biosemi BV as below specified.

Please add each set separately to your basket (outside the standard 12 months warranty from date of purchase).
CHF 192.40

Biosemi Battery Repair Order

NEUROSPEC AG offers repair/replacement for the Active Two Battery Box Cell after the initial defect liability period.

Please note: If the battery box is sent from outside Switzerland, a hazardous goods certificate (downloadable after payment) must accompany the goods as otherwise any of the freight courier companies will neglect shipping the goods.
CHF 344.50

Warranty Handling Charges

Warranty Handling Charges include inspection, (some) cleansing, adjustments and maintenance for certain products (please enquire) outside the defect liability period (warranty) plus freight and insurance fees to a NEUROSPEC AG maintenance facility and back to the customer.
CHF 130.00