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Biosemi Active Electrode Repair Order

NEUROSPEC AG offers repairs/replacements for the Active Electrodes manufactured by Biosemi BV as below specified.

Please add each set separately to your basket (outside the standard 12 months warranty from date of purchase).
A$ 269.36

Biosemi Battery Repair Order

NEUROSPEC AG offers repair/replacement for the Active Two Battery Box Cell after the initial defect liability period.

Please note: If the battery box is sent from outside Switzerland, a hazardous goods certificate (downloadable after payment) must accompany the goods as otherwise any of the freight courier companies will neglect shipping the goods.
A$ 482.30

Warranty Handling Charges

Warranty Handling Charges include inspection, (some) cleansing, adjustments and maintenance for certain products (please enquire) outside the defect liability period (warranty) plus freight and insurance fees to a NEUROSPEC AG maintenance facility and back to the customer.
A$ 182.00