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NIRS EEG Holder (Cap)

NIRS measurements and electroencephalograph (EEG) measurements of the whole brain can be performed simultaneously using the optical fiber holder for simultaneous electroencephalograph measurements. With this holder/cap, a proprietary mechanism called FLASH (Flexible Adjustable Surface Holder) has been adopted enabling changes to the head size and shape while maintaining a constant distance between the transmitter/receiver fibers.
CHF 13,377.00

NIRS/EEG Splitter Trigger Cable

This very specific trigger cable allows sending of triggers from Presentation / E-Prime / SuperLab / STIM2 to the Biosemi ActiveTwo and the NIRS system from Shimadzu (FOIRE3000, LABNIRS, LIGHTNIRS). The cable can maximally carry 8 bits of information. Cable length 5m, kit comprises the following articles:
1 x D-Sub 25 male connector, 2 x D-Sub 25 female connectors and 8 x wired BNC male connectors, 4 x unwired BNC male connectors + 8 x BNC to BNC adapters.
CHF 416.00