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Soft-Zellin® Alcohol Preparation Pads

Soft-Zellin® Alcohol Preparation Pads/Scabs, cleaner for oily skin, impregnated with 0.4ml isopropyl alcohol (70% V/V), 100 pieces per box. Pad size 60 x 30mm (folded to 30 x 30mm).
SKU: NS-7875
Delivery date: 1-2 weeks
CHF 17.55

excl. MWST/VAT

The Soft-Zellin® Alcohol Preparation Pads/Swabs are made of a soft none-woven fabric. Each swab is sealed individually. Use to clean oily, sweaty or sebaceous skin or remove residue. These alcohol swabs are impregnated with 0.4ml isopropyl alcohol (70% V/V). Pad/swab size is 60 x 30mm, come folded to 30 x 30mm. 100 alcohol swabs per box.

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