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TEOAE Probe Tips

T-Series latex-free probe tips (Transient Oto-Acoustic Emission Tips - two holes) to be used with UGS, ECP or SGS probes for TEOAE testing. 100 pieces per pack. Different sizes available.
Manufacturer: Otodynamics
SKU: NS-7558
Delivery date: 1-2 weeks
A$ 160.20

The T-Series (Transient Oto-Acoustic Emission Tips - two holes) probe tips may be used with UGS, ECP or SGS probes for TEOAE testing.

The accurate recording of OAEs is dependant on a good probe seal. As ear canals vary greatly in size, Otodynamics offers a wide range of single use tips for optimum fit. 

The advanced design and materials used in manufacture ensure maximum patient comfort and an effective probe seal. Tips are designed for single use to prevent cross contamination. Cleaning of tips for re-use is not recommended. This may result in cleaning fluid being transferred to the probe. The probe may become contaminated or damaged if exposed to excessive fluid contact.

Probe tips made by Otodynamics Ltd are latex-free. An MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for export to the Middle East is available upon request.

100 pieces per pack. Different sizes available.

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DPOAE Probe Tips

R-Series latex-free probe tips (Distortion Product Tips - three holes / space for two stimulators and one microphone / triangular) may be used with UGD or SGD probes for TE and DPOAE testing. 100 pieces per pack. Different sizes available.
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TPC Coupler Tubes

For use with TEOAE (Transient Emission) probes / UGS, ECP, SNS, SGS probes.

On occasions, probes may become contaminated by wax or other debris. This may block the sound coupler tubes, leading to patients failing the test. Therefore, the coupler tubes should be visually inspected before fitting a new tip and changed if necessary.

Do not attempt to clean contaminated coupler tubes.

10/100 pieces per pack available.
From A$ 151.20