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PCI Card (LPT Triggering)

PCI/LPT computer card for PC (requires empty PCI slot inside the PC), useful to send triggers via LPT port to Presentation/E-Prime/SuperLab/STIM2 software, comes complete with card, drivers and manual.
CHF 218.70

PCMCIA Card (LPT Triggering)

PCMCIA/LPT notebook card (by Cool Gear) for notebooks/laptops with a 33mm PCMCIA port (requires empty PCMCIA 33mm slot), useful to send triggers via LPT port to Presentation/E-Prime/SuperLab/STIM2 software, comes complete with card, drivers and manual.
CHF 391.50

MMB Trigger Box

Package includes the MMB Trigger Box (9.5cm x 9.5cm x 2.6cm), a USB connection cable, hardware drivers and an installation manual. The MMB Trigger Box works well with: Neurobs Presentation, E-Prime, Inquisit, OpenSesame, PsychoPy and Linux. Will be listed as a virtual COM port in the device manager of your operating system.
CHF 391.50

USB to LPT (DB25/DB37) TCPUA Trigger Box

USB to LPT (DB25/DB37) TCPUA Trigger Box from Cortech Solutions. Great for connecting to a PC/Notebook and send triggers via USB port to the trigger port of an EEG.
CHF 668.25

Trigger Polarity Inverter (BNC line, 0.1m cable)

Trigger polarity inverter to connect your EP system and the D185 from Digitimer. BNC line, 0.1m cable.
CHF 248.40

Cedrus Stimtracker Duo/Quad

From CHF 1,792.80

m-pod (Cedrus)

The m–pod from Cedrus connects nicely to any RB Response Pad, the Lumina 3G Controller or StimTracker. The m-pod sends out Event Markers to your EEG System of choice.
CHF 702.00

Cedrus Lumina Optical Trigger Adapter

Cedrus Lumina Optical Trigger Adapter converts a trigger code from a MRI scanner (delivered via a fiber optic cable) into an electrical signal, which can be used with older Lumina LSC400B controllers.
CHF 499.50

Digitimer DG2A - Train/Delay Generator

This small free-standing instrument has been designed for control of normal repetitive stimulation as well as for defining the Effective Refractory Period using a second, delayed pulse. This unit is especially useful as a frequency generator (as a TTL trigger source) for use with our DS2A, DS3 and DS7A isolated stimulators which have their own pulse duration controls. The basic features of it's predecessor the DG2 Trigger Generator have been extended to allow trains of pulses to be generated in response to input signals from other devices.

Please note: Important! This product is for research applications only. Not a medical device as defined in EU directive 93/42/EEC. Not designed or intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of disease.

CHF 1,255.50

Photo Cell including cord

Our photo cell sensor is a light-to-voltage optical sensors, each combining a photodiode and a transimpedance amplifier (feedback resistor = 16 MW, 8 MW, and 2.8 MW respectively) on a single monolithic IC. Output voltage is directly proportional to the light intensity (irradiance) on the photodiode. These devices have improved amplifier offset-voltage stability and low power consumption and are supplied in a 3-lead clear plastic sidelooker package with an integral lens. When supplied in the lead (Pb) free package, the device is RoHS compliant. Comes with 1.5m cable and AUX connector, to be used with the ActiveTwo EEG System (requires ERGO input).
CHF 201.15