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Chronos is a powerful USB-based response and stimulus delivery system, which lets you collect responses, present sound and send event markers to external devices. All with millisecond accuracy! Note: For external device communication with your biosignal amplifier you need to purchase an additional adapter.
SKU: NS-7829
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Chronos is a powerful USB-based response and stimulus device that allows the accurate collection and verification of tactile, auditory, visual, and analog responses along with the precise source of audio and generic analog output timing. Chronos features millisecond accuracy and consistent sound output latencies across machines.


Infographic Chronos

System Features

  • Reliable input keys: The system is designed with beautifully designed silicone rubber keys offering a large activation area for precise presses and releases. It is also capable of multiple simultaneous button presses with full n-key rollover and customised debounce intervals to ensure the data collection is never compromised by missed responses. 
  • Highly configurable voice recording: Collect responses triggered by voice and configure the threshold settings yourself. Data files include both reaction time and an audio file. 
  • External Device Communication: Together with additional adapters, Chronos offers a solution to send E-Prime markers to your biosignal amplifier and receive markers back within milliseconds.
  • Extremely accurate audio timing: Where traditional consumer sound cards fail to deliver accurate sound delivery time the Chronos provides millisecond accuracy thanks to an onboard sound card.
  • Modifiable stimulus presentation: The system is designed with 5 fully modifiable RBG LEDs. Each LED is able to produce 4000+ colours. The unique colours can be modified directly within the E-Prime software.


Package includes:

  • Chronos multifunctional and response and stimulus device
  • Documentation
  • USB Installation Key
  • Power Supply
  • Microphone with 3.5mm audio cable
  • Photo Sensor
  • AUX cable


Setup Video

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