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E-Prime Upgrade (2.0 to 3.0)

Upgrade for E-Prime 2.0 to E-Prime 3.0. E-Prime 3.0 comes with a myriad of new features and latest OS compatibility. E-Prime 3.0 requires no programming skills thanks to its easy-to-use graphical interface.
SKU: NS-7882
Delivery date: 1-2 weeks
A$ 1,337.40

Upgrade your current E-Prime 2.0 version and start designing entire experiments with E-Prime 3.0! E-Prime 3.0 requires no programming skills thanks to its easy-to-use graphical interface. E-Prime upgrades include: 1 * Installation USB + 1 * Gemalto USB License Key + 1 * 3-year silver support plan.

Note: E-Prime Upgrades require one-time validation using an E-Prime 2.0 hardware key that has not previously been upgraded. If a hardware key that has not been upgraded is not available, purchase of a new E-Prime 3.0 license will be necessary. To check if a key has been upgraded, please contact us (


What's New in E-Prime 3.0?

  • Improved interface with tabbed workspace
  • Support for tablets and touchscreens
  • SlideButtons for an area of response collection without using a script
  • Slide Layout Templates for quick design
  • Experiment Library with pre-built experiments to download
  • New Task Event for executing user script
  • New Samples and Templates
  • SlideChoice sub-object to design multiple-choice surveys, recognitions, and recalls
  • SlideSlider sub-object to design scales and sliders
  • Find and replace properties in an experiment
  • Run an experiment in a floating window for quicker inspection and debugging
  • Quickly start an experiment from any List
  • Interactively run List rows for debugging purposes
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