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Sintered Disk Electrode (with Hole)

Ag/AgCl Sintered Disk Electrodes with hole. Different disk sizes available (9mm with 2mm hole, 12mm with 6mm hole) x 1mm height each.
SKU: NS-7670
Delivery date: 1-2 weeks

Electrodes come as either disk (with and without hole) or pellet electrodes. Different disk sizes available, 1mm height.

These versatile electrodes have the consistency of soft metal and can be re-shaped by sanding, cutting, drilling and filing. Designed for use in electrochemistry, stimulation, precision bioelectric recording, electrophysiology and neurophysiological applications.

The Ag/AgCl electrodes are, because of their stability and reproducible results, excellent for Standard and Reference electrodes. Bare disk electrodes with wire have the same quality as the wired electrodes, low offset voltage, stability, no re-chloriding neccesary, reusable and resurfacable, cold sterilization. The silver wire embedded in the electrode is of pure silver and allows for the specific connection that fits the users needs.

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