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MMB Trigger Box

The MMB Trigger Box is a virtual COM port (8-bit TTL output) to LPT/parallel port adapter. Package includes the MMB Trigger Box (9.5cm x 9.5cm x 2.6cm), a USB connection cable, hardware drivers and an installation manual. The MMB Trigger Box works well with: Neurobs Presentation, E-Prime, Inquisit, OpenSesame, PsychoPy and Linux.
Manufacturer: NEUROSPEC AG
SKU: NS-7605
Delivery date: 3-5 days

NEUROSPEC AG has manufactured a low-cost trigger interface to be used especially for notebook computers that lack an LPT / Printer Port / Parallel Port / PCMCIA Express Port. 8 data bits (TTL) are sent via the MMB Trigger Interface Box (acts as a virtual COM port) to the LPT trigger input of any given biosignal amplifier (e.g. EEG system). The delay has been measured to be within the sub-millisecond range. For more specifications or an installation manual contact us via the Contact Page

The MMB Trigger Interface Box comes as a package and includes the MMB Trigger Box (9.5cm x 9.5cm x 2.6cm) itself, a USB connection cable, hardware drivers and an installation manual. Customers confirm that the MMB Trigger Box works well with: Neurobs Presentation, E-Prime, Inquisit, OpenSesame, PsychoPy and MATLAB.


Technical Note 

MMB Trigger Box can be programmed according to your needs, i.e. triggers can go HIGH or LOW; switch LOW after 8 milliseconds; or can be switched LOW manually.



  • Sub-millisecond transfer delay 
  • Runs with major Psychological Experiment and Stimulus Presentation Software
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X / macOS and Linux compatible
  • Acts as a virtual COM port
  • Connects via USB to the stimulus/experiment computer and outputs trigger bits via a D-SUB 25 (a.k.a. printer port) - other configurations available upon request
  • Can be run in two different modes, Pulse Mode or Simple Mode for high flexibility when transferring trigger bits
  • 8 data bits (TTL)


System Compatibility

The following systems are only a list of tested biosignal amplifiers that work with the MMB Trigger Box. Every biosignal amplifier with a standard TTL trigger input (pins 2-9 as trigger inputs and pin 25 as ground) will work without any issues. Should you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Page.

  • ActiveTwo, Biosemi
  • DSI-4 / DSI-7 / DSI-24 / DSI-VR300 / DSI-Hybrid, Wearable Sensing
  • fNIR Imaging System, BIOPAC Systems, Inc.
  • All MP-systems (incl. BSL, MP36, MP160 etc.), BIOPAC Systems, Inc.
  • neuvo, NeuroScan Compumedics
  • SynAmps RT, NeuroScan Compumedics


Software Compatibility

  • Presentation®, NeuroBehavioral Systems (NBS)
  • E-Prime, Psychology Software Tools, Inc.
  • PsychoPy, Psychology software in Python, Peirce JW
  • OpenSesame, COGSCI dotNL cognitive science and more
  • Inquisit, Millisecond
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